Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale
Style: Pacific Ale
Alcohol Content: 4.4%
From: Byron Bay, Australia 
Purchased From: Utobeer, London Borough Market, London

So wind and rain is still pounding daily against window. Whilst everyone else is busy complaining about the gloomy weather, I reach for the fridge to gain a little drop of Australian sunshine. Here is my review of Stone and Wood Pacific Pale ale. Now this is actually the second time I have sampled this little drop of sunshine. The first was just over a year ago in the Old Red Cow in London after a hard days SAS training. After hours upon hours of regression analyst, this ditty really brighten up my day. Let's see if she still got it.

Brad Rogers and his business partner established Stone and Wood during the recession of 2008. After many years of working in the brewing industry, they decided to shed the corporate garbage and get back to basis. After setting up their brewery in Bryon Bay, the partners in crime have continued to go from strength to strength whilst still enjoying the beautiful beaches and surf. 

Pacific Ale

Colour: Pours almost like a pilsner, a brilliant bright yellow with an ever so slight clouding. A light dusting of foam will linger throughout the duration of the beer.

Aroma: Full of summer ripened mangoes cut through with zesty citrus notes from the galaxy hops. What I really like about this beer is you can as smell very fait traits of vanilla. This helps to add a sweetness which really sets it apart from some pale ales on the market today.

Body: Extremely light and unbelievably refreshing. The very soft carbonation helps to create an almost juice like beer that will not clog your throat. Whether you are in Byron Bay or Skegness this drink is perfect for the beach.

Taste: A heady mix of sweet mango and pineapple dominate the palate. The use of pale malts help to add a real depth of sweetness, whilst the blending of galaxy hops provide sweet citrus notes to cover the mild bitter finish. As the drink warms, a slight grape acidity reveals itself. What a little ripper!!
Pacific Ale
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